Vegan YouTubers That Will Make Your Transition a Cinch

Written by Nutritional Medicine, Recipes

Are you considering a vegan lifestyle but are unsure where to start? With recipe ideas, vegan tips and good vibes, these YouTubers make going vegan a cinch. Don’t get stuck thinking about what you’re leaving behind; instead, focus on the new, exciting options ahead of you. Now is the time to get creative in the kitchen and these YouTubers are here to inspire!

1 . Cam & Nina

This sweet couple from Australia hit the mark when it comes to pleasing videos. The music and cinematography are almost (almost) as tantalizing as the foods they make. Nina is a natural in the kitchen and rarely measures a thing. They focus on food prep and using prepped ingredients in more than one recipe to cut down on extra time in the kitchen. They just released an ebook full of recipes, doodles, and wisdom (Nina also has a knack for writing) that’s available here. All I can say is: you’re welcome.

2 . Sweet Potato Soul

Jenne Claiborne is the sweet behind sweet potato soul. She’s energetic yet grounded and wise. She lets us in to a little piece of her life in her videos and walks us through the beautiful and unique recipes that seems so second nature to her. There are featured videos on how to grocery shop followed by meal prep and “what I ate this week” videos to show how everything is prepared. If you are new to the kitchen, this is a good place to start.

3 . Pick Up Limes

Calm and reposed, Nadia of Pick Up Limes is a guiding voice for those venturing into veganism. She gets down to the basics and explains some top tips of going vegan in the video above. Check out her channel for more healthy lifestyle inspiration, including videos on productivity, meditation, and healthy morning habits.

4 . Liv B

Liv B has a wide range of videos with quick, simple recipes for vegans on the go. Being vegan is simple as long as you put a little time into prepping and learning recipes that work for you. Bringing your own lunch to school or work is a great way to ensure you have a healthy, nutritious meal that will power you through to the end of the day. This channel also has some great vegan snack recipes for when that sweet tooth comes calling. Just remember: vegan doesn’t equate healthy. Practice balance when it comes to sweets!

5 . From My Bowl

Caitlyn Shoemaker’s passion for veganism shines through in her “5 under 5” video series. She proves that being vegan doesn’t only mean delicious, vibrant foods; it can also be very budget friendly. The highest ticket items on most people’s grocery lists are meat and dairy products. Yes, there are some expensive vegan alternative products out there, but they are by no means necessary to a vegan diet. Check out her series for vegan inspiration at it’s finest.

Last modified: September 23, 2017