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In today’s society, nothing speaks louder than money. Every time you make a purchase you are making a vote. This series highlights companies whose interests go beyond their bottom line. They’re promoting social change, sustainability and empowering consumers to make a difference. Use your dollar as your voice and make your money count. Support these innovative companies who are using business as a force for good. 


Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea

The problem

An overwhelming majority of coffee farmers world wide live in poverty. In Canada, the coffee industry ranks in $6.2 billion yearly. Unfortunately, these dollars never make it to the pockets of the farmers. Because there is no shortage of coffee beans, farmers must sell their beans at lower and lower prices. Often times, they don’t make enough to cover the cost of production.

Additional problems arise because the typical farming season only actually lasts three months. During these months, people are employed and have a steady income. When the season is over employees move to the city. They try to pick up odd jobs, but an average family will experience five months of hunger due to this inconsistency.

The solution

Instead of seeing a problem, Max and Arnaud of Wize Monkey see a solution. By harvesting coffee leaves for use in their teas, they create a year round season for coffee growers.

Coffee leaves have been consumed for hundreds of years in Ethiopia, often toted for their anti-inflammatory benefits. These leaves contain a high concentration of antioxidants as well as chlorogenic acid. If chlorogenic acid sounds familiar, it’s because it is the active ingredient found in green coffee beans. This compound assists in weight loss by influencing blood sugar and metabolism.

The impact

By utilizing coffee leaves in their Wize Monkey teas, Max and Arnaud have found a way to stabilize the coffee economy. By creating over 1,000 year round jobs, they are breaking the poverty cycle and allowing families to have their children educated.


Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea

Wize Monkey coffee leaf tea is a great alternative beverage for people looking for a sustained yet mellow energy. Coffee leaf tea won’t give you that jittery rush that coffee is famous for. Instead, this tea leaves you with a clear, focused mindset capable of taking on the day. The teas currently come in 5 flavors: original, jasmine, minty marvel, mango party and earl grey. The flavors are smooth and inviting and are a great way to start the day. Try them all with the Wize Monkey Discovery Pack. All flavors are available for purchase through Whole Foods Markets, well.ca, and local health food stores.


Wize Monkey Coffee Leaf Tea Discovery Pack

Last modified: October 3, 2017